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Tough Stuff - College 7"


On their debut 7", Tough Stuff refines the lo-fi, emo-tinged pop punk of last year's Beware EP, and the results are awesome. The five songs on "College" have all the catchy songwriting and reckless energy of the early demos, but the execution really shows how this three-piece is growing into their sound. Emo influences are in full force on this EP, and the lyrics veer equally into goofy debauchery and introspective self-loathing (hint: the EP title is a clue). Poppy riffs and shout/singalong choruses abound!

Alex Estrada did a radical job recording and mixing these songs at Earth Capital in LA. This is a run of 500: 100 on green/white marble vinyl and 400 on black.

Check out "Smile" here!