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JTT 7"


This is the 4-song debut EP from JTT, the friendliest punks and finest badminton players of beautiful Corvallis, Oregon. They play gruff, melodic punk rock that sometimes borders on the folky-bluesy. The songwriting is sharp and sincere with bleakly beautiful lyrics (or the other way around, I don't know). Think Springsteen playing a DIY show among friends at a 4th of July barbecue, because that's kind of what it was like the first time we saw these guys. A year later, we couldn't be more stoked to put out this 7" for them. This is a run of 300 -- 200 on black vinyl and 100 coke bottle clear. Each record comes with a digital download.

Listen to "Collapsible" here!

1. Collapsible
2. Letter Home
3. Lies
4. Anonymous