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Horrible Things - Everybody Else LP


"Everybody Else" is the first vinyl release from one of Champaign's (and now Chicago's) finest pop punk bands, Horrible Things. It's the follow-up to 2012's stellar "Dumb Days" (Rat King Records), and the band somehow continue to outdo themselves. Unfailingly energetic and irresistibly catchy.

This is a run of 500 LPs--300 black, 200 white (some with a little black/green smudge).

"Horrible Things has always made fun, enjoyable pop-punk music. With Everybody Else, though, Reynolds raises the stakes. Everybody Else is a banger of a record that carries with it Reynolds’ personal pain – a pain that seeps through every half-shouted word, every riff. Reynolds cuts himself open and shows us exactly where he hurts, making for one hell of a cathartic listening experience." --Buzz Magazine